How To Set AeyTimes As Your Homepage

Setting AeyTimes Idea Journal to be your home page can be an easy way to keep yourself inspired with various creative ideas on AeyTimes, and to allow you to easily contribute and share new ideas yourself.

Here’s how you can make AeyTimes your homepage, easily in Firefox.

First, visit .  Once there, click and drag our AeyTimes logo near the top left part of the page.

Click and Drag

Click and Drag the AeyTimes Logo

Then, find your homepage icon in your browser. Continue dragging the logo and drop it on top of the homepage icon.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop onto your home icon in your browser.

When prompted, click “Yes” to make AeyTimes your homepage.

Click on Yes

Click on Yes

Your homepage should now be set to AeyTimes!

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