AeyTimes Start of 2011 Newsletter

Hope you all had a great start to 2011! We’re delighted that since our last newsletter during the fall we have had more people join AeyTimes, as well as share their experiences, expertise, and ideas with us. Keep up the good ideas!

During our last newsletter, we mentioned that you may want to use the AeyTimes Ideas Widget to proudly display your latest AeyTimes ideas on your WordPress blog ( ). We have since introduced two new WordPress widgets:

(1) The AeyTimes Site Feedback Widget ( ) and

(2) The AeyTimes Product Feedback Widget ( ).

With these two new widgets, you can now include them on your site to remind your website visitors or customers to provide you with valuable ideas and feedback, helping you to provide a better service or experience for them.

You may have also noticed that we have recently made some layout changes on AeyTimes to improve site aesthetics, the page layout, and site navigation, as well as to help you find what you are looking for more easily. We also hope that including related (if their script is working properly) books or other items from Amazon will help you expand your horizons on the particular idea shown.

Finally, you may have noticed that a new and exciting feature introduced into the idea pages (eg JOYs ) is our “Enlightening” feature, which allows users to easily and quickly note that they appreciate an idea by clicking on that link when logged into their account.

REMEMBER: you can also help to spread the word about AeyTimes to encourage more people to submit interesting ideas for you to read by:
(a) logging into AeyTimes ( ) and inviting your friends ( )
(b) displaying ideas that you like by clicking on “Display This Idea” on each idea page ( eg Reading Books Faster ), and then inserting the code into your site.
(c) sharing with other online users under the right column of each idea page (eg We Are Living Parallel, Simultaneous Realities ), which after a few seconds delay appears a subheading called “Do More”, in which you can click on the curved arrow to view some popular social bookmarking icons through which you can share

You may also wish to subscribe to newly-featured ideas on AeyTimes either through an RSS reader ( ) or as an email subscription ( ) to keep up-to-date with other people’s interesting ideas.

Wishing you a very happy, prosperous, and enjoyable time in the coming year!

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